GDPR Policy Statement

This policy statement refers specifically to the company data displayed on our website. For details about information collected from visitors to the site, please see our Privacy Policy.

There are two categories of data published by Companies House and reproduced on this website:

  1. Data about registered companies, including registered address and finances.
  2. Data about individual company officers, including name, role, appointments and service address.

The General Data Protection Regulation only applies to personal data.

Our grounds for processing personal information

We collect, store, use and make personal information available in order to meet our purpose of maintaining an accessible record of company data. We rely on Article 89 of the GDPR which covers archiving purposes in the public interest.

The personal information we display will also have been made public by the data subject themselves through the submission of such information to the public register held by Companies House.

Your Rights

The GDPR gives you a number of rights over your personal data. These include:

Note that our legitimate interest in providing a comprehensive and accessible record of information about companies means that we do not give individuals the right to have information about them erased other than as set out below.

Redacting or deleting information

We do not normally edit or remove data from this website. However, we will do so temporarily under the following circumstances:

  1. Where Companies House has published data in error, and this error has been corrected, if the incorrect data is still present on our website we will update it on request.
  2. Where a court order has been obtained against Companies House for the removal or redaction of any published data, we will also abide by the terms of that order even when it is not directed to us.
  3. Where we are requested by law enforcement agencies to remove or redact information.

If any of these apply, please contact us at 'data.update{at}' (making the obvious substitution to turn that into a valid email address).

Data update requests sent to any other email address will not, under any circumstances, be acted on. We do not accept requests from third parties, including reputation management companies.

All public sector data is licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

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